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Vegetable Crumbs

05 February 2014


Aureli is launching onto the market a truly

innovative product, a real novelty:

Vegetable Crumbs and Predust

It’s  a pure Vegetable Coating-System directly

from our vegetables as if just harvested.

It is wheat-free  and gluten-free.

The Crumb has different colours with

a very strong  taste of vegetables combined

with a delicate flavour.

As a result it can be the perfect ingredient for your

coated food preparations from predust to crumb.

In specific  we are introducing the following range

of crumbs:


For the first time the essence of the

Vegetable has been singled-out

and transformed to crumb.


Aureli once again gives its Customers a burst of Nature, a touch of natural goodness packed for your product needs.

The Vegetable Crumbs are sold in convenient packs.


The Vegetable Crumbs can be conveniently used as a way of eating Vegetables combined with fried foods.

(400 – 600 g fresh vegetables yield 100g dry crumb)


         You can use the Vegetable Crumbs to coat…


For any further information please contact our Customer Service who will be glad to send all product details


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