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QUALITY: the quality of our company

Production line of baby carrots Aureli

The quality control system is of vital importance and is expressed in all the productive phases in their entirety, from cultivation to the various transformation processes.
The sector makes use of the quality labs within the firm as well as ISO and ACCREDIA certified external laboratories.

For Aureli this means:

  • Product quality
  • Process quality
  • Quality and respect for the environment

Moreover Aureli's broad, extensive effort in the quest for increased product quality and labor process standards is attested by the numerous certificates and accreditations pertaining to quality:

  • SVC Voluntary Testing System German certification
  • Member of the fruit juice industry Consortium for Safeguarding - SGF
  • IFS (International food standard) certified.

As a further guarantee to its customers, are placed periodic inspections by the competent organs of the IFS and SGF which systematically verify the correctness of the production processes and the quality of the products obtained.

Product quality from freshly harvested to moderately labored goods is thus guaranteed by a special identification examination based on specific counter-samples that are given to the client as well as conserved in the firm after being analyzed.

The product quality within the land remains unchanged on the consumer's market; transformed only in legal terms and according to the specific requests of the client.

Product quality

Production lots and field testing
The analysis and tests begin even in the cultivation process with sample taking from production lots representative of a single land plot during growing and harvesting farming phases.

The analytical verifications aim first at determining the residual level of fertilizers and pesticides used during the cultivation and still present in the farming. After that the level of nitrates, nitrites and the degree of sugars that are present in the collected product are analyzed.

The quality of the fresh product and of pre-packed vegetable
The fresh process and pre-packed vegetable are characterized by testing on the "physical" parameters of the product (dimensions and caliber, length and diameter) of the carrot.

The tests continue on the organoleptic characteristics of taste and odour. Special attention is then dedicated to the microbiological testing of the pre-packed vegetable. This is done because of the uniqueness of the product, which, being without its external layer (skin) and being put through the cutting process, is more susceptible to microbic agents.


The quality of the transformed product

The tests carried out on the transformed product (juices, purèes and concentrates) are of a different nature.
The extraction of samples occurs: at the beginning of the process, during the process and at the end of the process.

The dried product goes through different analysis which is especially based on its percent level of humidity. This attests an adequate drying process and most importantly, gives a guarantee of its approximate stability and ability to be preserved.

The objective values of the analysis are:

  • PH level
  • BRIX degree level - degree of sugars
  • Carotene level
  • Total acidity
  • Lactic acid level present in the product
  • Bostwick level for purèes, meaning the consistency
  • Concentrate level for concentrates
Aureli chemical controls on the product

Process quality

The quality of the productive processes refers both to the system parameters and the conditions of the production environments where the working of the product is carried out.

Beginning of the process - The analysis is focused on verifying that the INPUT of the freshly harvested product introduced in the process has values which are in line with the specifics of the finished product which it wants to aspire and in particular with the specifics of the various client's supply specifications.

process in course - The surveys verify the correctness of the productive process or the necessity to carry out unplanned modifications in order to fit in the parameters of the desired product.

Aureli - finished product quality analysis

End of the process - once the aseptic packaging is completed, the product is put under quarantine for further "micro-biotic" verifications.
The analysis is carried out in order to determine::

  • Total bacterial presence
  • Yeasts and molds
  • Lacto- bacillus
  • Total "coliforms"

Systems - The following are systematically taken for various typologies of the machines, especially for the agro-industrial processes:

  • structure data: temperature and pressure;
  • water of the process: verifies the degree of drinkablity of the water used in the washing and production processes.
  • work stations: in the various production establishments the degree of hygiene at the work stations is verified by using tampons or instantaneous tampons by way of a bioluminometer.

Quality and respect for the environment

Respect for the environment and territorial integration with the land in which it is part of, are always two cardinal principles in AURELI's company philosophy.

The company is found at the beginning of the Abruzzo National Park and is well-integrated with that environment which continues to inspire a naturalistic interest which has characterized and formed all company productive processes.

In particular, after evaluating and testing its environmental impact, Aureli has realized an extremely modern biological purifier which monitors the pollutant residuals of the water and decantation mud discharged from production processes.

Further testing is then carried out on the fumes emitted into the atmosphere.

The Aureli's company purifier