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Carrot Juice
Aureli's Carrot Juice photo

Carrot juice is not only a thirst quenching purifying beverage, but also a valid natural tonic. Vitamin A is present in carrots for the transformation of Beta-Carotene and it is considered a fundamental substance for preventing various kinds of cancer. Furthermore it gives a defence against so called free radicals. Aureli offers a vitamin A product of natural substances, not from concentrate, directly from the fields to the consumer’s table, without any chemicals.

Carrot-Orange-Lemon Juice
Aureli's Carrot-Orange-Lemon Juice photo

In this mix fragrance of Sicily citrus fruits meets the aroma of carrots grown on the mountains of Abruzzo resulting a refreshing as well as healthy juice. Orange is an effective help against free radicals activity, infective and vascular problems. Lemon, rich in vitamin C but also A and B, is indicated as help in intestinal disorders and stomach acidity, furthermore it increases immune defences and lowers blood pressure.

Carrot-Apple Juice
Aureli's Carrot-Apple Juice photo

A fragrant apple puree is mixed with carrot juice to obtain an antioxidant blend with high energetic value ,due to the sugar content, potassium and vitamin C. Furthermore apple puree helps to lower blood cholesterol level.

Purple Carrot Juice
Aureli's Purple Carrot Juice photo

Particular purple color of purple carrot juice comes from high levels of polyphenols (anthocyanins), pigments with powerful antioxidant properties; they give a valid help for preventing various forms of cancer and possible cardiovascular diseases. Finally purple carrot juice is both delicious and nutritious, an excellent wholesome juice to add to daily diet.

Red Beet Juice
Aureli's Red Beet Juice photo

Red beet juice is a very particular beverage for its color as well as for its nutritional properties. It gives various health benefits ranging from blood cooling and purification to digestive. Furthermore it is rich in Betacyanins, phyto-nuntrients whith antioxidant properties, which reinforce immune system and protect from damaging action of free radicals.

Vegetables Mix
Aureli's Vegetables Mix photo

From mixing various vegetables with carrot juice, Aureli proposes a cocktail with a full and marked flavour, which associates in a unique product both celery fragrance, carrot healthiness and lettuce, spinach and parsley freshness. High levels in mineral salts, vitamins and antioxidants complete its nutritional profile and give very important properties to this product, making it highly suitable to be used in low-calorie diets.