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Baby Carrots
Baby Carrots photo

Baby Carrots are the result of the transformation of carrots having specific organoleptic characteristics, such as the absence or insignificant consistency of the central woody cylinder. They also have a very high content of beta-carotene. Our Baby Carrots are packaged in various calibers, in standard-sized food bags, or according to customer requests.

Carrot Fettuccini
Carrot Fettuccini photo

Carrot fettuccini consist of thin strips of fresh carrots (0,8-1 cm wide per 25-30 cm length) to eat fresh or just boiled few minutes and seasoned with olive oil or spices. Fettuccini is a product between julienne and baby carrot: they can be used as salad but also as ingredient to make vegetables pasta or in fancy vegetable fruits.

Julienne photo

When carrots are cut in regular and thin strips, very similar to matches, they are called Julienne. Their typical length of julienne size is about 5 cm. Julienne carrots from Aureli have the same quality of sweet and tasty Baby Carrots and can be used to adobe dishes or as salad.

Zucchini Fettuccini
Zucchini Fettuccini photo

Zucchini fettuccini consist of thin strips of fresh zucchini (2-3 mm tickness per 15-20 cm max. length) in packs of 200 or 450 grams presentable in 3 possible different ways: just pure zucchini noodles, mixed with orange carrot fettuccini, mixed with purple and yellow carrot fettuccini. Thanks to the reduced thickness they can be consumed without cooking preserving all their nutritional properties.