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New AURELI Products for Retail Trade

01 January 2014


Directly from its own vegetable crops, Aureli introduce into the market a novelty PASTA made of vegetables and wheat floors. Very rich in Vitamins and Fibres we offer a tasty coloured and delicious pasta but also healthy and with high nutritionals in the following flavours:

ingredients: Wheat Flour, Carrot Powder
Purple Carrot
ingredients: Wheat Flour, Purple Carrot Powder
ingredients: Wheat Flour, Spinach Powder
Red Beet
ingredients: Wheat Flour, Red Beet Powder


Complete the range of Retail Products:

- Organic Carrot based Juices (no water, no sugar, no colourings, no preservatives added)

- Organic Veggie Jams


See the attachment for all details


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