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26 January 2012 | Artificial colorings: NO, THANKS !   Artificial colourings have been studied from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) because of some undesired effects on children health, especially E104, E110 and E124 are now limited and have to be declared on labels. Aureli offer a ' wide range of concentrates coming ​​from vegetables grown ...   Read all 26 January 2012 | Wintertime harvest - Genuary 2012  
In the middle of wintertime, thanks to the mild temperatures and a generous sunshine, Aureli is proceeding with the harvest of its carrot crops, offering its consumers the high quality of carrots coming from Fucino area in a ...   Read all
04 January 2012 | IGP   Aureli has recently been certified to produce and package the Fucino plateau IGP carrot IGP . Recognized with CE Regulation n. 148 of 15 February 2007 , the Fucino carrot , is the only variety which obtained the European IGP . The production area is the entire Fucino Plateau , in the district of ...   Read all 21 December 2011 | IFS Certification   Aureli, with perspective of continuous improvement in food quality and safety, has obtained IFS Certification (International Food Standard) [AT HIGHER LEVEL], a model recognized both in Europe and around the World, used to correctly select food vendors, basing on their ability to provide safe ...   Read all 23 November 2011 | Purple Carrot   Aureli introduce purple carrot in Great Organized Production: in 12 Kg cases, purple carrot  appears for the first time  to final consumers. Rich in anthocyanins, it results a valid alternative for tasty, coloured and nutrient recipes. Aureli nominated their purple carrot for next Fruit ...   Read all
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TuttoFood 2017 08 May 2017 Aureli a TuttoFood 2017
Aureli Co. will partecipate in the next edition of TuttoFood 2017 Trade Fair in Milan.
Pav. 3, ...
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Aureli a BioFach 2017
BioFach 2017

15 February 2017

Aureli a Fruit Logistica 2017
Fruit Logistica 2017

08 February 2017