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24 January 2014 | Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2014 (FLIA14)   AURELI MARIO Co. with its innovative product "Vegetable Crumbs" has been nominated for the Innovation Award "Innovative Product of the Year" at Fruit Logistica Trade Show which will be held in Berlin from 5 up to 7 of February.
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01 January 2014 | Vegetable Crumbs   Aureli is launching onto the market a truly
innovative product, a real novelty:
Vegetable Crumbs and Predust
It’s  a pure Vegetable Coating-System directly
from our vegetables as if just harvested.
It is wheat-free  and gluten-free.
The Crumb has different colours with
a very strong ...   Read all
15 November 2013 | Abruzzo Green Award   AURELI Co. win the Abruzzo Green Award for having applied a system of "integrated pest management" in organic farming by choosing resistant cultivars, rotation, effective, traps and pheromone-based insect antagonists, but also for having introduced a process of self-production of energy ...   Read all 09 April 2013 | Approved Exporter   AURELI MARIO Co. has obtained by Italian Customs Office the "status of Approved Exporter"Authorisation n. IT/001/AQ/13This also to facilitate trade with South Korea, recognized as Asia's fourth largest economy.   Read all 24 September 2012 | 2012 SIAL Innovation Event   WaterPhase Aroma coming from Vegetable processing, produced by AURELI Co. has been mentioned between hundreds of products for the "SIAL 2012 Innovation Award" Another recognition to the AURELI's innovative skills.   Read all 04 May 2012 | WaterPhase   Aureli Mario Co. has just introduced a new item in the market "WaterPhase" This particular product comes from the evaporation process of Vegetables Juices (Carrot, Black Carrot, Beet-Root, Celery).It is used in food flavorings and also in cosmetics Industries.   Read all
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TuttoFood 2017 08 May 2017 Aureli a TuttoFood 2017
Aureli Co. will partecipate in the next edition of TuttoFood 2017 Trade Fair in Milan.
Pav. 3, ...
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Aureli a BioFach 2017
BioFach 2017

15 February 2017

Aureli a Fruit Logistica 2017
Fruit Logistica 2017

08 February 2017