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Export adventure for Aureli

23 November 2011


Export adventure starts from first ’90 years as natural consequence of innovation strategy and development which has characterized our business reality from the beginning.

U.S., Southeast of Asia, Arabian Countries and of courseEurope.

Thanks to possibility to transform and to exploit products from our territory, we was able to expand all around the Globe focusing on products innovation and on the service offered to customers.

“You can export only if you have something new to say”

Juices, purees and concentrates, but even dehydrates and powders from our crops.

Searching natural and effective preservation methods on our fresh convenience, made possible to offer our product out of national borders to serve main European Markets.

Business spirit, always present inside us from the beginning, let us discover and exploit qualities of a more and more rich vegetable basket.

Not only orange carrots , but even purple and yellow ones, beetroot, celery, and other leaf vegetables.

Focusing on colours corresponding to nutrients, creating the words: health colours. Every single vegetable colour is index of the presence of an important nutrient.

Orangeof carrot for beta-carotene

Purple of purple cattot for anthocyanins

Yellow of yellow carrot for lutein

Red of beetroot for betaine

We are really entering in Nutraceutical  domain, so not only ingredients for food industries, but even natural healthy products:






and even ingredients for food intolerances as gluten-free products.

Here we find many of next challenges to propose to World Markets

Innovation is our company engine, it kept us out of our territory borders and permitted us to approach Foreign Markets.

(Interview of  22 November 2011 to Alessandro Aureli, Marketing and Export Manager)


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