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CULTIVATIONS: the diversity of our crops


Cultivation process holds a fundamental importance for the Company strategy to assure and guarantee high quality levels as well as safe and full traceability, directly from raw materials: that's why Aureli spend lot of innovation and research in the farming sector.

Aureli growing in Fucino Plateau

We grow and process just typical Italian vegetables directly from our own cultivations in different areas of Italy, depending on climate and the land composition in order to maintain the typical organic cultivation characteristics of the Territory and the availability of the product all year long.
In the first half of the year we grow in warmer Sicily and the Roman coasts.
The second half of the year is characterized by cultivation in the Fucino plateau where from a very fertile land at a high altitude (about 650m above sea level) come interesting organic value and particularly rich taste produce.

The Fucino Plain is the area of Europe which has the greatest concentration of carrot production.
Aureli thus proposes itself as the company leader at the European level in relation to farming, labouring and transformation of carrot.

Each year, the cultivated varieties differ according to their final uses:

  • Carrots for Fresh produce variety
  • Carrots for Fresh convenience variety
  • Carrots for Juices purees and concentrates
  • Carrots for Dehydrates

Aureli make the necessary and useful rotations to alternate the main cultivation of carrots, providing the production of several vegetables: celery, red beet, zucchini, fennel, spinach, and many others.

The various cultivations are managed by the same techniques regulated and controlled by a trusted crew of expert agronomists.

Numerous analysis' are carried out on the entirety of Aureli production in the different geographic areas of Italy in order to verify that the cultivations are in line with the Aureli Quality Program.
All operations are adopted to allow an optimum growth result and at the same time permit only a limited use of chemical products, in this way safegarding the environment as well.

Quality Program

  • Defines the sanitary level of the cultivations inhibiting the use of antiparasite substances which are not permitted by the program
  • Establishes periodic visits during the cultivation period in order to monitor the state and the stage of the cultivation
  • Orders periodic registration of each fertilizer treatment and carried out
  • Plans the gathering of samples to send to specialized labs to research residual pestisides a/o pollutant agents originating from chemicals or microbiology
harvest of carrots Aureli Italy

The most commonly used cultivation defense techniques applied by Aureli are:
Guided Farming: where the pestiside treatment with chemical substances is carried out only when a real necessity is raised. Tending, in that way, to reduce the treatments without eliminating them completely.

Integrated Farming: where treatments are carried out without limitation while taking advantage of natural mechanisms of regulation. For example: the choice of the most resistant variety, most efficient crop rotations, even using naturally antagonistic insects or the installation of traps which have a base of fermones in order to defeat infesters and parasites.

Special attention is given to fertilizing operations, based on a plan that considers the true needs of the land, only administering the contribution of necessary nutritious elements for the correct growth of the crop.

Cultivation organization

carrot storage Aureli Italy

Aureli's farming "machine" begins its steps at the first days of the year.
In January the initial Planting Plan is put together. The various land plots are identified and the crops which will be placed there, the variety of the crops and the farming techniques and essential rotations to carry out are all defined.

In particular, three vital operations are carried out during the period of cultivation:

  • Production batch identification: a code is assigned to each land plot (production batch number). For each single production batch a land registration is filled out in which are regularly reported: the seeding dates, all cultivation operations, all fertilization treatments carried out, the irrigation dates, the harvest dates.
  • Product tracking: the batch code is reported on all product shipping documents and on the same labels, guaranteeing traceability.
  • Multi-residual product analysis: for each single batch of production, growth and harvest crop samples are systematically taken in order to verify that the level of pesticides and polluting agents present in the cultivation are not superior to what is allowed by supplying contracts of customers.

From the land to the table the product is regularly and systematically checked in order to be able to trace back to the original matter and to the farming treatments carried out on any finished product Aureli present to the market: juice in bottle, fresh carrots in packs, or even a little snack pack of baby carrots.