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Oran juice carrots - liquid and dryed



Carrot (daucus carota) is a root vegetable, biennial plant, belonging to the family of Ombrelliferae, grown for its swollen roots, usually orange in colour, though purple, red, white, and yellow varieties exist. The most commonly eaten part of a carrot is a taproot. Health benefits: It contains carotenoids, mostly beta and alpha carotene, essential for healthy eyes and immune system.

Average nutrition facts per 100ml of product
Energy34 Kcal - 145 Kj
Protein0,47 gr
Total lipid (fat)0,14 gr
Ash0,55 gr
Carbohydrate7,36 gr
Calcium (Ca)183 mg
Iron (Fe)13,10 mg
Phosphorus (P)254 mg
Potassium (K)2130 mg
Sodium (Na)644 mg
╬▓-Caroteneup to 100 mg/L
Total carotenesup to 150 mg/L and over


Juices (NFC)

Single strength Juices (Not From Concentrates) are obtained by selecting raw materials from own italian crops, using only vegetables with right nutritional values to magnify organoleptic features (flavour, colour and smell) as well as nutritional and chemical ones, like vitaminic values, sugar degrees (brix), pH and acidity levels. Juices are natural or pH-laced by using lemon juice; productions varieties are conventional (obtained from controlled crops), bio or baby-food productions.



Purees are natural products obtained from simply milling fresh vegetables by a slow and gradual production process which does not use extraneous catalyzing substances, to preserve naturalness and taste and to obtain a better consistency of the products.



Concentrated juices are produced by an evaporating process obtained with modern as well as sophisticated technologies , to preserve organoleptic and nutritional caracteristics of fresh product, using different concentration levels depending from each vegetable: from 42┬░ bx, 65┬░ bx to max. 70┬░ bx for carrots. Concentrates are natural-pH products (65┬░ bx and 70┬░ bx, in relation with vegetables type) or pH-laced by using lemon juice to microbiologically stabilize them.



Waterphase comes from the evaporation process of vegetables juices (Carrot, Black Carrot, Beet-Root, Celery). The water is characterized by a pronounced smell and a typical flavour of raw fresh vegetables just harvested. Aureli pack in aseptic bag-in-box 25 Kg netto, no 8 bags per carton. Carrot Waterphase: Aromatic substances dissolved in it are Daucolo, Carotolo (estimated in mg or in ten mg / kg H2O), and diastereomers of Daucolo Carotolo (traces) These molecules are known as "Daucani", they are terpene derivatives resulting from the cyclization of the farnesyl ion. The Daucani are volatile aromatic substances and contribute predominantly to the formation of the aroma of carrot.


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