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Yellow Carrot - characteristics

Yellow Carrot


Yellow carrot assumes a beautiful yellow color, has an excellent flavor and is very easy to grow .It is a biennial herbaceous species, up to 100cm high, and the second year develops a branched with erect stem and large globular umbels. Healthy benefit: It contains xanthophylls and especially lutein.

Average nutrition facts per 100ml of product
Energy45 Kcal - 193 Kj
Protein0,70 gr
Total lipid (fat)0,10 gr
Ash0,55 gr
Carbohydrate10.20 gr
Calcium (Ca)16 mg
Iron (Fe)0.80 mg
Magnesium (Mg)23 mg
Phosphorus (P)40 mg
Potassium (K)325 mg
Sodium (Na)78 mg
Vitamin A2 µg RAE
Vitamin C4,9 mg



Powders from vegetables are obtained by simply milling dehydrated vegetables in mills absolutely assigned to this use. This guarantees product safety avoiding possible contaminations from allergenic or gluten-containing elements. Vegetables powder by Aureli are guaranteed as gluten-free products and they are even used to prepare ingredients for gluten-free diets.


Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehidrated Vegetables (pellets of 2 mm diameter and 20 mm max. length) are obtained from gradual and slow drying of vegetable pomace inside long ovens which provide a long time process, to obtain low and save humidity levels (max. 7%). No extraneous substances are added to the product and it is packed in paper bag for food use.


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